PayiQ Brings New Technology to Global Markets

PayiQ Brings New Technology to Global Markets

Finnish FinTech company PayiQ has launched a new generation of products based on their Ticketing as a Service platform. Innovations have been developed in international cooperation and they range extensively from ticket products to usability and the management of applications and the whole platform.

PayiQ has set up an authentic piloting environment for its international partners that allows the presentation of and experimenting with all the features and functionalities in practice. The environment includes everything from the management of products to the end users’ app and validation of tickets. Also, a lot of changes have been made to the administration portal of the system to make it easier to use and to better manage products. Merchants can easily add and edit products, their prices and availability. All the changes are instantly available to the end users in the app.

As services and mobile tickets evolve also merchants’ needs for different ticketing options change and develop.  PayiQ’s technology enables the creation of various series and combination tickets with unprecedented ease and diversity. End users only need to buy one ticket that includes tickets to for example different vehicles and even to events, and the tickets can be separately validated. Furthermore, series tickets are an easy way to offer less expensive and more effortless transport to those who use public transport frequently or for example for work commute. The ticket amounts and validity times of series tickets, as well as combination tickets, can be defined per ticket product.

Both Finnish and international customers have requested for a journey planner to be added to the apps. New interface has enabled the integration of e.g. Digitransit’s journey planner, which adds to the usability of the apps as public transport routes and timetables can now be found in the same app that is used for buying tickets. In addition, the app also has native map view to which Google Maps and Apple Maps applications are integrated. This enables various map-based functionalities, such as ordering on-demand transport from predefined locations.
“Our product development has advanced tremendously during the past year. Functionalities and usability have been developed from the point of view of both merchants and the end users. We have gained significant support from international pilots and implementations on how to further adapt our technology. Our services are already in production in Russia and new possibilities are opening up especially in Southern Europe, Middle East and East Asia” says Tuomo Parjanen, PayiQ’s CEO.

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