PayiQ’s New Service Unites Sustainability Goals and Commuter Benefit System

PayiQ’s New Service Unites Sustainability Goals and Commuter Benefit System
PayiQ is launching a new service that brings together an effective way for companies to report on CO2 emissions and to administrate commuter benefits.

Companies face challenges in calculating CO2 emissions and promoting carbon-neutral mobility. Current methods often rely on manual efforts or external consultants, leading to inefficiencies and costs. PayiQ’s innovative system revolutionizes corporate sustainability reporting by combining commuter benefit management, precise CO2 emission calculation, and sustainable engagement.

PayiQ’s solution leverages advanced features, such as gamification and a state-of-the-art carbon footprint calculator. It relies on AI-driven technology that can automatically identify over 10 different transport modes, resulting in highly accurate CO2 emissions calculations for each mode of travel. This approach provides a significant advantage over traditional CO2 calculators in the market. In essence, PayiQ’s multifaceted platform is set to transform the way companies offer commuter benefits and promote sustainable practices.

“In response to today’s pressing megatrends, PayiQ has developed a unique solution that addresses critical sustainability challenges” says PayiQ’s CEO Elena Lipchenko. “It is the only solution in the market that not only reports the CO2 emissions, but also actively encourages to reduce them.”

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