PayiQ and NGS Finland Join Forces for Climate Action

PayiQ and NGS Finland Join Forces for Climate Action
PayiQ and NGS Finland are working together to support companies in calculating and reducing their carbon footprint.

Companies are facing challenges as upcoming EU regulations require CO2 reporting of work-related travel. Together PayiQ and NGS Finland can offer companies versatile methods to calculate and report the CO2 emissions of employees’ commuting and work travel. Moreover, this co-operation offers companies valuable information and tools on emission reduction and compensation.

PayiQ has launched a service that unites commuter benefit management system, measurement of CO2 savings and emissions, and sustainable engagement tool. PayiQ’s technology can automatically identify over 10 different transport modes, resulting in understanding users’ daily mobility choices and CO2 summary. In addition, the service also encourages reducing emissions through gamification and rewards.

NGS Finland’s mission is to help companies increase their climate responsibility. The company offers carbon footprint calculation, reduction, and potential offset of companies’ emissions, as well as comprehensive reports of all actions. NGS Finland offers solutions that enable companies to increase climate responsibility in a concrete, transparent and Finnish way – no matter the industry or situation.

“PayiQ’s innovative solution significantly enhances the challenging process of Scope 3 data collection. By providing detailed insights into employees’ commuting and work travel emissions, it allows companies to accurately measure and report their carbon footprint. This partnership ensures that companies not only comply with EU regulations but also take meaningful steps towards reducing their overall environmental impact,” says NGS Finland’s CEO Antti Laakso.

“By teaming up we can offer local companies multiple tools on emission calculation, reduction, and reporting. Customers can benefit from methods that best fit their scope and needs. This synergy brings value to both companies and our customers,” tells PayiQ’s CEO Elena Lipchenko

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