Smart Ticketing For a Smart Future

The world is moving into cities, but the streets are not getting any wider. Smart traffic is a must, and to make it work smooth mobile ticketing, validation and payment experience is vital. This is our mission.

PayiQ is an account based multimodal mobile ticketing platform for transport operators and city event organizers. You can work with us directly or through our network of partners.

How to Start With the Smart Today

When we talk about Mobility as a Service (MaaS) we usually talk about MaaS operators. You can think of MaaS as a pyramid, with the modern operator represented by an app on the top, and traditional operators that offer physical transportation services at the bottom.This approach immediately offers two ways to look at and build MaaS: top down and ground up. Top down MaaS starts with an application, designed to be as beautiful and easy to use as possible, and then connects different modes of transport to it. A big part of the idea is of course that you can use the same app in as many places as possible. When this works it is convenient for the user, and the big dream is to have the world’s transportation behind one application. In practice the heterogeneity of cities and their transportation systems makes this extremely difficult.

Let’s Not Jeopardize Smart Cities With Dilettante Directives

Just when The European Union should be stepping up its efforts to keep the old continent competitive in the digital game, it introduces regulation that will probably drop the usage of some of the most important mobile applications by 50 %. The idea of Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) is to make the world safer for digital consumers and increase competition in the banking sector. The idea is great, the reality looks like a disaster.

Smart Cities Require Open APIs

Whenever a new technology is introduced, there are two main questions hanging in the air: does it work and what is it good for? The first question is best answered by trying the thing yourself and, if there is interest, studying the architecture behind it. The second question refers to money or time saved, quality improved or some other measurable improvement to the current state.
Decision-making on new technology should therefore be relatively rational, but it seldom is.

A Modern Ticket Is Your Key To The World of Transport

We still call the supercomputers in our pockets phones, although that is not how we use them much. Modern ticketing is a little bit like that. We can call it ticketing, but it is growing into something entirely different than a receipt for a single travel fare.

PayiQ and CyberSource Announce Partnership

There is an ever increasing demand for urban mobility solutions that simplify peoples’ journeys from A to B.  CyberSource and PayiQ are partnering to provide a fully integrated, reliable and scalable platform for smart ticketing, supported globally by all of...

Pay-as-you-go challenges the subscription model

In smart mobility we are seeing a trend that is challenging this and that may be a game changer. It is pay-as-you-go, but with a twist in the end.

How to Run a Successful Public Procurement in Smart Ticketing

A public procurement that’s put together without proper knowledge can turn out to be a messy, time consuming, expensive and discouraging affair for everyone involved. Here are a few observations we at PayiQ have made over the years regarding successful public procurements in smart mobility…

PayiQ Powers Pivo into Finland’s Biggest Transport Ticket App

What do you get when you combine two of the most disruptive technologies of our time, mobile payments and smart mobility, to optimally benefit the customer? You get transport tickets on Pivo powered by PayiQ. Pivo is the payment app launched by one of Finland's...

Smart Cities Can Thrive on Account-Based Data

Account-based ticketing is a trending buzzword in our business but it is also a profound change in how transport is operated, understood and developed.

Why Ticketing Infrastructure Is a Group Effort

When I book a meeting saying I’m from a smart ticketing company, people are glad to see me, but when we sit down, the first question I often get is: “We’ve already got our own mobility app. Why are we having this meeting?”

Modern Tickets, Minimized Cost, Satisfied Customers

Streamline ticketing, speed up validation, increase security and lower the cost of fare collection while increasing customer satisfaction.


Want to learn more about PayiQ’s solution?

Call: +358 10 419 2220

Modern Tickets, Minimized Cost, Satisfied Customers

Streamline ticketing, speed up validation, increase security and lower the cost of fare collection while increasing customer satisfaction.


Want to learn more about PayiQ’s solution?

Call: +358 10 419 2220


Smart Transportation Ticketing Solution

Cities need seamless mobile ticketing systems to make the best use of their transport resources. PayiQ’s platform is built for that.

Experience Ticketing Solution

With PayiQ you can turn your site or app into a one-stop shop for sports events, concerts, museums and other experiences. All under your brand.

Consumer App

One app for all tickets. Through PayiQ app you have access to a vast selection of tickets to transportation and events.


Need a smart ticketing partner for your service offering, infrastructure bid or application?

Give us a ring: +358 10 419 2220


The PayiQ Platform

PayiQ - the Company Story

Our Clients and Cases

PayiQ develops cloud-based intelligent mobile ticketing, payment and validation solutions for smart cities, transport operators and event organizers around the globe utilizing Microsoft Azure technology. Our solutions provide end-users with a seamless way to travel from door to door and with the freedom to combine various means of transport and services under one transaction using their mobile phones. The open ecosystem enables end-users to freely choose from a wide range of payment methods. They can combine different services, such as those provided by route planning services, shared car and bike operators or event organizers. We help public and private service providers streamline their mobility services, increase their services’ attractiveness, safety and security in using them, and lower the cost of the fair collection while increasing customer satisfaction. PayiQ collaborates with Business Finland and as a member of Microsoft’s CityNext program in developing solutions for smart cities.



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