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The world is moving into cities, but the streets are not getting any wider. Smart traffic is a must, and to make it work smooth mobile ticketing, validation and payment experience is vital. This is our mission.

PayiQ is an account based multimodal mobile ticketing platform for transport operators and city event organizers. You can work with us directly or through our network of partners.

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Switching Gears: Q3 Was Our Best Quarter Ever

It’s no secret that running a smart mobility company has been challenging when people stay at home. But now, the tide is turning, and we are in an excellent position to ride the recovery wave. For PayiQ, Q3/21 was our best quarter ever. People are moving again, both our revenue and customer base hit new highs, and we just finished a successful investment round.

The Growing Power of Super Apps

The trend of Super Apps is coming to the West from the East, where the biggest players have won the attention of users and become front-screen apps that continuously add new services. While many Super Apps originated from messenger services, there are other players, such as Grab, Gojek and Ola, which started from the transportation business. And we believe this origin brings tremendous potential for an app to become Super App.

COVID-19 Recovery Is an Unfolding Opportunity

No one would like to revisit 2020, but the transition to 2021 doesn’t feel easy either. While 2020 was a battle for survival for many, 2021 might be the battle for the survival of the fittest. It is a somewhat exhausting thought but at the same time an invigorating opportunity.

Banks Are Changing Their Role to Become One-stop Shops

Nowadays we observe how many banks are going through metamorphosis towards high-tech companies with a banking license. Many banks started to apply the term “ecosystem” in their business vocabulary. Big actors are aiming to become serious competitors to one-stop tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Alibaba. At first, this approach was perceived ambiguously by participants in the banking sector. But now it is becoming quite obvious that the chosen strategy is valid and far-sighted. For example, Russian Sberbank ecosystem includes more than 20 companies which are not directly related to the traditional banking business.

Covid Shifts Focus from Competition to Cooperation

Covid has definitely been a game changer in mobility. First it brought on a disaster when people stopped moving, and while the hard times are dragging on, it is slowly also triggering changes in thinking, many of which are welcome. One of them is a strong trend towards partnering. The idea of organizing relationships among actors in a field through partnering instead of competition or subcontracting is of course nothing new. Airlines have formed and run successful partnerships for decades. But in ground transportation competition, subcontracting and monopolies have been the standard.

Cities are Opting for Safe and Seamless

There’s no denying it. It’s been demanding. When you are in the mobility business and people stop moving, you are in dire straits. We are engineers and therefore reorganizing our internal workflow was quick. Making cash flow estimates that make sense, securing financing to bridge the crisis and rethinking our sales strategy to meet the new challenges of our customers has taken a while. But rough can be exhilarating too.

From Directionless to Working on a Strong Comeback

During my years as a research specialist in MaaS, I would very often compare ecosystem successes based on collaborations. Take the airlines for example, they were the first to go mobile and have several solution providers like car rentals and hotels integrated.

Post-Covid, Smart Mobility Is Likely to Move Up

In every crisis the challenge is to work in different time spans at once. Certain things require immediate action, midterm is often about endurance and in the long run you prepare for opportunities on the other side of the ordeal. This is also the outlook at PayiQ.

Backend Systems are the Backbone of Smart Traffic

What do disruptive technologies and romantic comedies have in common? In both there comes a setback after the first burst of excitement, but the low is needed to pave the way for something solid. I believe that on the smart traffic hype curve we have just passed the peak and are sliding towards a dip: some are disillusioned because the change did not arrive as promised (or as hoped) and some are making long-term investments that will bring about real change and real rewards.
When smart traffic – connecting modalities, services and data through IOT and accessing them through mobile devices – became the rage the focus was on the user interfaces, usually apps. Today everyone active in the smart traffic space understands that if the backend systems are not smart enough, they cannot deliver smart traffic.

No Country for Single Vendors

Changing transportation isn’t about building apps. A good mobile app is of course the go-to interface of today’s digital services but when it is delivered in the physical realm, especially in a complex and capital intensive one, then much more than a digital interface is needed to bring real change. I think this is very evident in the world of transportation where both disruptive entrants and big incumbents are realizing the magnitude of the challenge.
Current transport silos and supporting information systems were not built for fluid multimodality and smooth account-based ticketing. Yet, multimodal mobile ticketing and MaaS solutions appeal to modern customers.

Modern Tickets, Minimized Cost, Satisfied Customers

Streamline ticketing, speed up validation, increase security and lower the cost of fare collection while increasing customer satisfaction.


Want to learn more about PayiQ’s solution?


Call: +358 10 419 2220

Modern Tickets, Minimized Cost, Satisfied Customers

Streamline ticketing, speed up validation, increase security and lower the cost of fare collection while increasing customer satisfaction.


Want to learn more about PayiQ’s solution?


Call: +358 10 419 2220


Smart Transportation Ticketing Solution

Cities need seamless mobile ticketing systems to make the best use of their transport resources. PayiQ’s platform is built for that.

Experience Ticketing Solution

With PayiQ you can turn your site or app into a one-stop shop for sports events, concerts, museums and other experiences. All under your brand.

Consumer App

One app for all tickets. Through PayiQ’s app you have access to a vast selection of tickets to transportation and events.


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