Employee benefits and sustainability goals in one app

Commuter benefits

The topping up of commuter benefit cards is an extra burden for the employer as it requires time and human resources. Regular employee commuter benefit amount is tied and stored on the card, and there’s always the risk of misuse and card loss. Existing commuter benefits are also limited to ridership only. There are no mobility summaries, routing and disruption notifications or feedback channels.

PayiQ is making corporate travel digital. We offer an easy and secure way to provide commuter benefit to employees. Thanks to our technology, we have created a comprehensive commuter benefit product, which can unite all these features:

  • Flexible ticket products: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Route planning, map, real time bus locations
  • Always visible ticket validity time, history of purchases, digital receipts
  • Recurrent commuter benefit balance replenishment
  • Pure digital experience: no plastic cards, no paper receipts

Sustainability goals

The European council has introduced new reporting requirements for corporate sustainability. From 2025, European companies are required to report emissions on employee commuting and business trips, among other activities. CO2 emissions will become the key environmental indicator for climate protection.

PayiQ can help companies with reaching sustainability and reporting goals with its commuter benefit. It’s the only solution on the market which unites mobile ticketing with CO2 emission control and reporting under one single app. With the GreenImpact feature PayiQ helps making commuter benefit CO2 neutral with these features:

  • Automatic detection of up to 20 transport modes
  • CO2 emission report per each leg traveled
  • Daily mobility summary
  • Gamification for sustainable engagement
  • Competitions between teams, companies, and cities

Do you want to get more information about PayiQ’s emission reporting and commuter benefit? Leave your contact information and we will send you a link to the webinar recording by email. In the webinar we explain how commuter benefit app can help cover Scope 3 reporting requirements.

How does commuter benefit work?

  • Employer provides a list of employees that are entitled to commuter benefit
  • We enable commuter benefit as a payment method for the employees
  • We bill you once a month and do the card top up
  • Employee downloads our app and uses commuter benefit to purchase tickets
  • Employee shows the ticket in the app to a ticket reader or driver on a bus
  • We take care of automated top-up through our ticketing platform
  • We send you the reports with remaining balance at the end of the month