City services in your pocket

Cities offer a myriad of services but access to them might be difficult to find from different sources.  Cities also have bold targets to reduce CO2 emissions from transport and promote sustainable mobility modes. There’s an urgent need to cut down CO2 emissions and report on the progress, and to encourage citizens to make low-emission transport choices.

PayiQ’s CITY Acc is a smartphone app that provides convenient and safe access to city services via superior user experience. It also enables interaction between the city and the resident through an easy-to-use communication channel. Active citizens would like to improve the city by making personal impact through sharing ideas, contributing time and efforts, and becoming a part of the city decision making process.

PayiQ’s GreenImpact feature supports cities to reach their CO2 emission goals. GreenImpact effectively manages traffic emissions, curbs unnecessary driving, and promotes low-carbon mobility choices. It incorporates gamification and sustainable engagement to encourage eco-friendly decisions, aiding cities in achieving CO2 neutrality. Our advanced big data analytics empower cities to comprehend diverse travel modes (bus, tram, walking, cycling, car, train, plane, etc.). This yields a comprehensive CO2 report, detailing emissions per mode, average trip distances, and transport concentration heatmaps. These insights inform data-driven decisions for improved routing and capacity planning.


  • Smartphone apps are key when digitalizing services and access to the service.
  • Everything in one app: users do not want to install too many apps and add credentials to services they don’t trust.
  • With PlusID we enable one ID to execute trust-based digital transactions and payments.
  • Easy way to search for city services near you and to get news from the city, community, or service providers.
  • Transport tickets and tickets for events, all in one app.
  • PayiQ already has 1,7 million existing end-user pool across Finland.
  • There is no costly development project required, roll-out timeline is in 2 – 4 months.