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Our customer support is our calling card
Customer support
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PayiQ offers comprehensive customer care services to its merchants and partners. Our best-in-class customer care offers a portfolio of support services designed to maximize uptime, end-user satisfaction and to reduce your internal costs. Your support agreement is your insurance for care-free operation.

PayiQ provides a second line of support for its merchants and partners. Our customer support personnel help your customer care with all issues concerning our products and services. Relevant issues are also relayed to our development team for further analysis, so you’ll get the full support of our whole team. Your technical support will get our full support in all issues related to our platform and services.

We are dedicated to solving your issues quickly and effectively. We aim to resolve issues in the order we receive them. By default, we work with the “first in, first served” principle. However, all issues are prioritized. Any issues that prevent the use of our products and services take precedence over lesser issues. If issues are related to our partners’ systems, we will inform them immediately and strive to resolve the issue in close cooperation. If an issue or feedback concerns matters that are beyond our power, we will try to relay the issue to the proper authority or, if possible, give advice on how to resolve the issue.

Make the most of your solution investment by taking advantage of our PayiQ support agreement – the flexible, cost-effective route to premium customer support and additional services. As a support agreement customer, you are entitled to premium level support and other benefits, such as guaranteed response and issue resolution times.

Purchased in conjunction with your solution license, the support agreement is designed to ensure care-free operation and to maximize your end-user satisfaction.

As a PayiQ support agreement customer, you have different means to reach us.

Email support

You can contact us at any time by sending email to our support address. By contacting our email support your request will be relayed to our Customer Care system where all further conversations concerning the issue will automatically be logged.

You can call our support team directly to discuss any arising problems. Phone support is available during the times set in the PayiQ support agreement.

For further information about our PayiQ support agreement, please contact our Sales Department.