PayiQ’s mobile apps are an easy and secure way to buy transport tickets all over Finland. Purchase, use, and validate your tickets with one app.

We offer public transport tickets in many different cities, and you can even buy tickets to long-distance buses. Ticket selection in different cities depends on contracts with local public transport operators.

In addition to easily getting your public transport tickets, you can also track how much CO2 you save by using public transport. With the GreenImpact feature you can see how your mobility choices affect your CO2 footprint. Save CO2 by walking, cycling, using public transport and other sustainable mobility modes. As a reward you will get climate coins that can be used to redeem vouchers from our partners.


  • Easy access to public transport tickets
  • Diverse payment methods to choose from
  • Routes and timetables
  • You can always check how long your ticket or travel card is valid
  • You can buy a ticket to share to e.g., child or friend
  • Public transport and long-distance bus tickets in one app
  • You can create an account or use anonymously
  • You can also sign in with Apple or Google
  • CO2 tracking of 20 different mobility modes

Our apps



Buy tickets and top up travels card for Föli, Turku region traffic


Buy single and season tickets for public transport operated by Korsisaari companies

Kouvolan joukkoliikenne

Buy tickets for Koutsi, Kouvola public transport

Lahti Tickets

Buy bus tickets for Lahti region public transport


Buy single and day tickets for Linkki, Jyväskylä region traffic

My Kilpilahti Ticket

Get commuter transport tickets to Kilpilahti operated by Korsisaari companies

Oulu Tickets

Buy single and day tickets for Oulu public transport


Buy single and season tickets for Hyvinkää public transport

PayiQ Tickets

Buy bus tickets all around Finland


Buy season tickets for the reginal buses in Southwest Finland and Satakunta


Buy single and day tickets for Kuopio region public transport

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