PayiQ Launched New Website

PayiQ Launched New Website
PayiQ has renewed its website and freshened up the look and feel. The emphasis was placed on delivering customized messages and service descriptions to our stakeholders. The new site targets the needs and outlines unique value proposition for each customer group.

PayiQ’s website was scheduled for an update to ensure alignment with the evolving business strategy. PayiQ is targeting its products and services at four main customer groups: businesses, cities, transport operators and passengers. This is now reflected in the website’s structure so that it is easier to navigate for relevant information.

PayiQ has expanded its offering from public transport mobile apps to providing commuter benefit management systems to companies and City Access application to cities We also aim to encourage the use of mass transit through smart fare collection and sustainable engagement. Company’s main objectives are supporting businesses and cities with emission reduction by CO2 tracking and nudging towards low carbon mobility options.

“We are delighted with the revamped look of our website and eagerly anticipate heightened visibility and interest from prospective clients. The emphasis was on clear structure so that all our customers could easily find the information they need” says PayiQ’s CEO Elena Lipchenko.

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