HSL Tickets now in PayiQ Tickets App

HSL Tickets now in PayiQ Tickets App
PayiQ has added HSL tickets to its PayiQ Tickets app. This further broadens PayiQ’s geographical expansion and offering to our users.

PayiQ has extended its services to the Helsinki metropolitan area as HSL tickets are now on sale in the PayiQ Tickets mobile app. Users can buy single and season mobile tickets for all the zones. This is a valuable addition to PayiQ’s offering for individual and corporate customers as it also enables the usage of PayiQ’s commuter benefit management system in a wider area.

HSL tickets benefit both our individual users and companies as PayiQ offers more than just a ticketing app. PayiQ Tickets measures the amount of CO2 each user saves by detecting what mode of transport is used. This GreenImpact feature encourages users to choose climate friendly modes of transport, like public transport, and gives rewards for making personal impact towards reducing emissions in the city. PayiQ offers companies a commuter benefit management system that unites easy administering of the benefit with the Scope 3 reporting. Commuter benefit is used via PayiQ Tickets app and the company gets CO2 reports on employees’ commuting and business travelling.

PayiQ Tickets app offers local bus tickets to 40 cities and municipalities. In addition, users can buy tickets to long-distance buses all over Finland. PayiQ Tickets can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store and it supports the most common digital payment methods. The app’s advantages to users are convenience and efficiency – you only need one app to buy tickets across entire country.

“We are excited to start selling HSL tickets as this opens up new possibilities to us. PayiQ Tickets app services about 40 cities and municipalities and combined all our apps service 75 cities and municipalities. This provides us with a wide base for potential commuter benefit users. Our unique solution not only reports the CO2 emissions, but also actively encourages to reduce them” tells Elena Lipchenko, the CEO of PayiQ.

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