GreenImpact Promotes Sustainable Transport

GreenImpact Promotes Sustainable Transport

PayiQ encourages the use of sustainable modes of transport with a new GreenImpact feature. It is a gamified tool that rewards users for saving CO2 with vouchers for climate partners.

Turku-based software company PayiQ has added a new GreenImpact feature to their PayiQ Tickets mobile app. It automatically detects what mode of transport is used and calculates its CO2 footprint. This is done in an anonymized way. By choosing to walk, cycle or use public transport more often users will save CO2 and gain climate coins as a reward. The coins can then be used to redeem discounts on products and services offered by our climate partners.

PayiQ Tickets app can be used to buy bus tickets in 34 Finnish cities and long-distance travel tickets all around Finland. Now the app also allows users to see how much CO2 their transport choices have saved and get rewards. Tracking CO2 saving is gamified: it’s possible to compete against other cities or companies to see who has saved the most CO2. The app can be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play.

Local businesses can also benefit from the app’s green marketing opportunities. Our climate partners add vouchers to the app’s marketplace and can attract new customers and give benefits to old clients. Our apps have a lot of users which are potential clients. Businesses can increase their brand awareness and customer flow as all app users see the near-by vouchers on a map.

“PayiQ aims to make using public transport so easy and effortless that people would leave their own car at home more often. Development began with handy mobile payments and continues now with encouragement to choose sustainable modes of transport. We believe that everyone can make an impact with small deeds” tells PayiQ’s CEO Pirkka Lankinen. “GreenImpact feature is already in use in our PayiQ Tickets app and will next be taken into use in Turku region traffic’s Föli app. The goal is to have it running soon in all our apps.”

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