PayiQ Focuses on Smooth Traveling Services in its Latest Product Release

PayiQ Focuses on Smooth Traveling Services in its Latest Product Release

PayiQ launches a new Open Generation of its awarded Ticketing as a Service platform. Development has focused on international expansion, new integrations and widening service offerings. The new release brings customers more alternatives and better user experience.

PayiQ has constructed a wide cooperation network in an ecosystem modeled development project and through that created a new licensing model that benefits all the partners. Because of this PayiQ has quickly acquired new international customers, especially in Russia and India.  

There are already six regional apps in production in different parts of Russian and several more are under way. The integrations required by the service have been implemented in cooperation with notable Russian banks and public transport operators. Close cooperation continues next year, and the service expands to many cities and regions while service offerings diversify.

In India PayiQ has signed an extensive license agreement with a significant local system integrator. This collaboration will comprise several multimodal ticketing solutions that enable passengers to buy tickets for the whole travel chain in several states.

PayiQ has focused on integration capabilities in the development of the new product generation, for example on payment methods, travel chains, identity management and user data. There have been major expansions on identifying users. Customers can now log in to the apps with Google and Apple credentials. Taking the app into use becomes faster as the customer doesn’t need to create yet another password for a new app. Nowadays many customers want to reduce their digital footprint and be more in control of their user data. It’s now possible to better manage personal data with the company’s apps, for example to delete user account and all personal data.

In cooperation with service PayiQ has brought long distance train and bus tickets into the same app with local traffic. Customers don’t need to install several different apps as with one app they can search timetables, compare prices, and buy the tickets for the whole travel chain. service will also include cross-border travel chains, like train tickets to St Petersburg.

PayiQ has also developed new features to the company’s domestic users. There’s a new payment method, PlusID invoicing. PlusID is a service that enables trustworthy and transparent interaction between PlusID users. Purchases are collected to an invoice that has 14 days of interest-free time to pay and the possibility gather bonuses. Integration with PlusID service also enables other forms of collaboration, like the identification of user groups entitled to discount priced tickets.

“The challenging times that have also greatly impacted public transport are hopefully receding. During this past year we have substantially invested in our international product development. People’s need to travel has changed but it hasn’t disappeared. During the pandemic secure, easy-to-use, and diverse digital services have become even more important than before. Our new product release brings us closer to our goal of producing an all-encompassing service that is easy and flexible to use and offers a diverse product range” says PayiQ’s CEO Pirkka Lankinen.

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