PayiQ and Cooperate to Provide an Encompassing Travel Ticket Service

PayiQ and Cooperate to Provide an Encompassing Travel Ticket Service

Getting travel tickets is now easier than ever as PayiQ and combine their services. With one app you can compare prices, search for timetables, and buy the tickets for the whole travel chain.

Two mobile travel ticket services join forces to offer customers an easy way to search for tickets, compare prices and buy tickets. At the first stage of the cooperation the train and bus tickets on sale in service are also available in the PayiQ Tickets mobile app. PayiQ Tickets can be downloaded for free for the latest Android and iOS phones.

PayiQ’s public transport mobile apps are already used in about 20 Finnish cities. With the PayiQ Tickets app you can buy the tickets of all of PayiQ’s partners, without having to download a separate app for each city. was established out of the need to make the arduous comparing of long distance trips’ timetables and prices between various sites easier. service saves time by combining quickly finding a suitable trip and easily buying the tickets for the trip or travel chain into one convenient service. service will also include cross-border travel chains. Helsinki-St Petersburg bus connections will be available this autumn. As a result of combining the two services, passengers can buy all the travel tickets for example for a trip from Turku to St Petersburg, which would include Föli local traffic bus ticket, VR train ticket to Helsinki and Lux Express bus ticket to St Petersburg.

“Perille is very excited about this cooperation with PayiQ.’s encompassing range of long distance trips and travel chains of bus and train tickets combined with PayiQ’s existing customer base and wide range of local traffic tickets will bring almost all of Finland’s public transport to one app. We believe that our combined service will be especially attractive to those major consumers of public transport that have sporadic needs for long distance travel, but do not want to download yet another app or register to another service” says Vesa Heikkinen, CEO of Perille Mobility Services Oy.

“We are happy to have’s long distance travel tickets in our service. We already have a wide range of local traffic tickets for several cities and now you can also buy the intercity trips with the same app. PayiQ’s mission has also been to provide ticketing solutions for the whole travel chain and this cooperation brings us closer to our goal” tells PayiQ’s CEO Pirkka Lankinen.

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