PayiQ to Enter Middle East Markets

PayiQ to Enter Middle East Markets

PayiQ has entered the Middle East market with its award winning mobile payment solution jointly with the UAE based sales and business development partner Broadfolio MEA. Driven by their success in Europe, PayiQ shall offer the innovative and secure solution especially designed for smart cities and transportation operators as well as service providers by developing and providing new digital payment methods for their end users.

PayiQ® technology is a safe and secure way to buy tickets and services through mobile devices. PayiQ utilizes cloud services (like Microsoft Azure) enabling transformation from traditional payment methods to dynamic ticketing services and products. Also service development is faster, easier and more flexible through the highly flexible system. The partner customized services are easily available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store.

“We see a huge potential for mobile payments solutions like PayiQ® in MENA region. PayiQ® is a new payment and ticket service solution that enables selling both digital and traditional products and services securely and simply. PayiQ has helped several service providers, including mobile network operators and financial institutions, to generate new revenue streams and build deeper consumer engagement already in many countries”, says Tuomo Parjanen, CEO of PayiQ.

“Mobile payments are one of the fastest growing trends in the MENA region. The average mobile penetration is really high in the region and mobile payments have grown rapidly over the last few years. Although the market is still in the early stages of development, we see that this the right time for PayiQ to enter the MENA region with its unique offering”, commented Kimmo Kytösaari, Managing Partner of Broadfolio MEA.

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