PayiQ Tickets Launched for Moscow Metro

PayiQ Tickets Launched for Moscow Metro

Fintech company PayiQ has launched a new mobile ticketing service in Moscow metropolitan area. The new solution for Moscow Metro is integrated with Russian banks.

The award-winning PayiQ mobile ticketing service is now released for the Russian customers. With the PayiQ® Tickets mobile application the users can easily and quickly top up their “Troika” transport card – also the cards of their family members. The app is freely available for Android and iPhone users.

“We really like the PayiQ solution and will definitely collaborate with PayiQ also in our future needs.” states Igor Augustovich Ivanov, Deputy Head of Moscow Metro, Passenger Department.

“We are very happy to release this new service. Moscow Metro is our valued customer and this release is an important opening for us in the Russian markets. Less than a year ago, we established our legal entity in Moscow. Few months later we received the Innovation Award 2016 in Sochi. Now we are in full production and in the markets.” says Tuomo Parjanen, the CEO of PayiQ, and continues: “Our cloud-based technology enables an easy transition from traditional tickets to dynamic products and services. PayiQ Tickets differs greatly from traditional, separate ticket applications. It offers our clients a complete solution without expensive product development and maintenance costs. With PayiQ Tickets our clients can move to a mobile era with unforeseen swiftness. Its key benefits to customers are its easiness and simplicity – since everything can be handled with a mobile phone.”

The new localized PayiQ Tickets functions in the cloud in Russian territory, so personal data and payment information are safe and secured locally. For additional security, access to the app is protected by password and pin code.

To start using the app users need to register and add their chosen payment method. Payment information needs to be entered only once, which makes using the app easy and simple.

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