PayiQ and Kyyti Revolutionize Transport Together

PayiQ and Kyyti Revolutionize Transport Together

Kyyti Group, who has disrupted Finland’s traditional transport, and Smart Mobility Fintech company PayiQ are strengthening their cooperation. Cooperation enables the merging of on-demand transport service with public transport, events and other services.

Kyyti service is situated between taxis and public transport and its competitive advantage is fixed price that is based on sharing and the efficient use of vehicles. Kyyti service is ordered and paid for with a mobile app and PayiQ has developed the app’s ticketing and payment system.

“There has been a need for a service that operates between taxis and public transport for a long time. Modern technology, mobile phone apps and smart cloud services make it possible to answer to this need. It’s not cost-effective to sustain full-scale public transport in all regions, but with the help of technology it is possible to maintain the service level.” tells Pekka Möttö, Kyyti Group’s CEO. “As the industry’s leading technology provider PayiQ is an obvious partner for us. The seamless compatibility of solutions and services developed by different companies is in everyone’s best interest. Internationally as well.”

“To us the strengthening of this cooperation is a natural development. In addition to public transport and events on-demand services and the different forms of sharing economy have strong potential for growth. Our Ticketing as a Service technology is developed to meet these changing needs. Our solution is a one stop shop for mobility, events and other services, so that all services are available on mobile devices. This cooperation with Kyyti also supports the growth of both companies in the international markets.” says PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.

PayiQ and Kyyti Group have cooperated since spring 2017 when Kyyti service was launched in Oulu. Since then the service has expanded to Turku and Tampere.


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