PayiQ Accepted into a National Growth Program

PayiQ Accepted into a National Growth Program

Tekes, the Finnish funding agency for innovation, has accepted PayiQ to the Young Innovative Company program that aims to accelerate rapid international growth.

With the Young Innovative Company program (IYC) Tekes intends to accelerate the global growth of the most ambitious, rapidly growing companies in Finland. The program emphasizes the company’s potential for fast international growth. The funding can be used for the comprehensive development of business activities. IYC program strengthens the team to enable faster growth, offers support in scaling-up the business and provides sustainability for getting a competitive edge.

“This is a major step for the whole corporation. This program and related funding from a major agency will have a significant impact on our international business strategy, starting from Scandinavia, Russia and Middle East.” tells Erik Berggren, Chairman of the Board at PayiQ.

“Being accepted to the national IYC initiative gives us a major boost for expanding our leading ticketing and payment solutions to international markets. Our cloud-based solutions are designed to meet the changing needs of smart cities, transport operators and event organizers. Our platform technology ensures an easy transition from traditional tickets to dynamic products and services that are easy to use and available on mobile devices.” says PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen, and continues “The YIC program is a natural continuum in our systematic work for rapid growth in our target regions. We have already opened offices in Russia, Sweden and North Africa and are looking for more partnership agreements with major local players. Great opportunities will also open up for our several Finnish and international partners licensing our technology. Getting funding from the same industry brings synergy benefits that will help us in achieving our goals.”


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