With National Cooperation to European Forefront in Mobile Payments

With National Cooperation to European Forefront in Mobile Payments

PayiQ, Digital Forum Finland, Elisa, Telia and DNA are renewing the purchasing of mobile tickets in the public transport of several Finnish cities. As a result of this collaboration Finland will be at the European forefront when it comes to effortless paying. Tickets are ready for use on mobile phones with just a few clicks, without having to register first. Payment is conveniently handled via phone bill.

As a result of national co-operation all PayiQ’s products will get a significant payment method update. Now travel tickets can be bought directly without having to register first or enter any information. Payment method is automatically mobile payment which means that purchases will be charged to the phone bill. This new feature makes using the app easier, especially for the occasional users of public transport, since tickets can be bought immediately after installing the app. Registering to the apps is still possible and then customers can choose from various payment methods, depending on their need and situation.

“This is a major step towards customer expectations. Mobile payment is the most simple and effortless way to pay for tickets. Users don’t have to enter any information about themselves but they still get a ready-to-use ticket immediately. Safely and securely. All products purchased via mobile apps are itemized in the phone bill.” says Juhani Kivikangas, the CEO of Digital Forum Finland.

“We are very happy about our smooth collaboration with Digital Forum Finland and the mobile operators. PayiQ has always strived to develop solutions that are easy to use but secure at the same time. Mobile payment without compulsory entering of user information is an anticipated feature. This update takes buying travel tickets into a new era. It’s great that Finland is at the frontline again.” says PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.

PayiQ’s apps can be downloaded for free for smart phones from Google Play and App Store. The apps can be used to buy ticket products for OuluTurkuJyväskyläLahtiKuopioLappeenrantaHyvinkääRiihimäki and Imatra public transport. More cities and routes are constantly added to the product selection.


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