Turku’s Föli and Several Other Public Transport Apps Have Added Pivo as Mobile Payment Method

Turku’s Föli and Several Other Public Transport Apps Have Added Pivo as Mobile Payment Method

Föli, operating in the Turku region, and several other public transport apps have added Pivo as a mobile payment method. Mobile payment is popular and useful in apps like Föli where payments need to be handled quickly.

Pivo in-app mobile payment is a handy and secure payment method that is used in more and more apps. Users don’t have to look for their online bank user ids or credit card details at a bus stop when paying with Pivo – they just need to add that information once to Pivo. Payment is confirmed in Pivo with one swipe.

“We are excited to bring our products and services to Pivo. This benefits all our customers from cities’ public transport operatives and traffic operators to the end-users. To the traffic operators this is a new sales channel and to end-users an easy way to obtain services by signing in to just one app. Our Ticketing as a Service platform enables the creation of flexible and versatile ticketing services for various service providers, and the usage of many kinds of payment methods” tells PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.

Mobile payment is part of Föli’s excellent user experience

Föli wants to offer its customers modern payment methods that answer to customers’ needs. Easy paying makes for better user experience and lowers the threshold for using public transport.

“It’s great that Pivo is added as a new payment method in Föli app. Customer satisfaction is of primary importance to us and versatile payment methods allow us to make it easier to use the app and thus serve our customers better than before.” tells Föli’s Development manager Topias Pihlava.

In addition to Föli, Pivo can be used to pay for bus tickets in the following public transport apps: Paikkuri in Hyvinkää, Vilkku in Kuopio, Linkki in Jyväskylä, LSL in Lahti, Oulu public transport, Kouvola public transport, Korsisaari app, and PayiQ Tickets that sells tickets for Mikkeli, Imatra, Riihimäki, Lappeenranta, Joensuu and Ventoniemi Oy. These apps have been developed by Pivo’s partner PayiQ.

“Pivo as a payment method is a great new addition to our service offerings and seems to have gained popularity among our users. Co-operation with Pivo’s team has gone very well – whether it has been about agreements, sales or development. Of course, we’re hoping for more coverage and through that more increase in joint revenue.” says PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.

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