Smart Traveling in Kuopio with Mobile Tickets

Smart Traveling in Kuopio with Mobile Tickets

Kuopio will take mobile bus tickets into use this summer. Buying and using tickets with the free smart phone application is easy, fast and secure.

“Kuopio region is developing smart mobility services. Our aim is to make everyday life easier for our customers and to lower the threshold for using public transport. As a part of a new traffic strategy Kuopio will take into use a mobile application that is used for buying public transport tickets. We want to offer our customers an easy way to pay for traffic services. At first the app can be used to buy single and day tickets for different zones but we are dedicated to developing the service to meet future needs.” says Kuopio’s Director of public transport Kaisu Matinniemi.

Kuopio’s mobile application supports all the most common payment methods: mobile payment, bank and credit cards, MobilePay and consolidated invoicing with Svea billing.

The app is free and available for Android and iOS phones.

“Kuopio region is yet another area that uses PayiQ’s cloud-based mobile application to carry out public transport’s ticketing services. Our mobile solution makes it possible to move over from traditional tickets to dynamic ticketing services and products. Mobile tickets are a part of an international MaaS (Mobility as a Service) trend which aims at offering users an easy and safe way to combine different mobility modes and services with the help of new technologies. New technologies like Microsoft Azure open up unforeseen possibilities to combine different services and to create wholly new service concepts. With our technology adding new services is easy and flexible.” says Tuomo Parjanen, the CEO of PayiQ.


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