Roboride and PayiQ Collaborate for Better Autonomous Vehicle User Experience

Roboride and PayiQ Collaborate for Better Autonomous Vehicle User Experience

Roboride, service provider for autonomous vehicles, and PayiQ, provider of intelligent ticketing platform, begin co-operation.

Roboride’s and PayiQ’s common goal is to integrate autonomous vehicles more seamlessly with public transport. They want to offer a better user experience for consumers and also an integrated platform for public transport operators. With PayiQ’s solution it’s possible to create new ticket types that enable the usage of autonomous vehicles.

“Autonomous vehicles will become a bigger part of daily city and campus traffic. It’s very important that consumers can use autonomous vehicles and public transport with the same app” says Roboride’s CEO Tatu Nieminen.

PayiQ’s CEO Pirkka Lankinen sees that this collaboration will have positive impacts on public transport operators. “PayiQ’s Ticketing as a Service solution is a perfect fit also for autonomous vehicles. Our customers can use public transport and autonomous vehicles with just one platform” concludes Lankinen.

In the future Roboride will use PayiQ’s Ticketing as a Service platform and app in all of its projects.

Roboride are a service provider not a developer of technologies. We offer our customers a transport solution based on autonomous vehicles with a turnkey solution for the ’first and last mile’. Because we are not locked to certain manufacturers or technology suppliers, we are free to choose the best solutions on the market and develop a service that fits the customer needs.

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