Third Generation Smart Mobility for Smart Cities

Third Generation Smart Mobility for Smart Cities

PayiQ, Finland’s leading provider of mobile payment solutions, has released its third generation mobile ticketing and payment solution. The award winning MaaS* technology enables users to easily and securely combine different mobility modes and services.

The new solution is designed for the rapidly emerging needs that digitalization, shared economy and flexible mobility services pose to payment and ticketing services. PayiQ offers a pay-as-you-go model that supports all the most common payment methods and makes it possible to create completely new ticket products and services.

“PayiQ Tickets takes full advantage of the new PayiQ Online Cloud Services, which is now open also for third parties. The new service complements applications provided by cities and MaaS operators by offering its clients all the same products and services as the local applications, plus combination tickets that span throughout the whole travel chain.

“PayiQ Tickets is a next generation mobile payment solution that has been developed in a successful project partly funded by Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) in the national Witty City programme. Mobile payment solutions powered by cloud services are an international megatrend and thanks to the services provided by Tekes and Microsoft Azure’s new cloud technology, we are the forerunners of this trend.” says Tuomo Parjanen, the CEO of PayiQ. “PayiQ Tickets can be used flexibly in different mobility services, including rental and shared modes of transport. Our solution enables the creation of wholly new kinds of products and service concepts. Customers can be offered combination tickets that include additional services, such as tickets to events accompanied by tickets for the transport to the events.”

PayiQ Tickets saves service providers’ time and money. Thanks to Live Content, updating available services and prices is fast and does not require any app updates from the customer. This brings flexibility into pricing and makes it easy to create new services, even ad hoc. The app is also a communication channel. Customers can be advised and informed of changes, additional offerings, etc. It can also be used for receiving customer feedback. Safety and security are PayiQ’s priorities. The app has real time fraud prevention. All information is handled strictly according to information security standards and regulations.

The key benefits of PayiQ Tickets to customers are its easiness and simplicity – since everything can be handled with a mobile phone there is no longer use for different travel cards and their loading. One app can be used to buy services from many service providers. PayiQ Tickets supports all the most common payment methods: you can charge your purchases through bank or credit card, use mobile payment or have a consolidated invoice sent to your home on monthly basis. The service can be used regardless of time, place or the used appliance.

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