PayiQ and MF Tarif Join Forces for the Russian and European Markets

PayiQ and MF Tarif Join Forces for the Russian and European Markets

The Finnish Smart Mobility FinTech company PayiQ and one of the largest Russian manufacturers of transport and communications equipment and software MF Tarif join forces to provide state-of-the-art mobile ticketing and payment solution for the huge Russian and European markets.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an internationally growing megatrend driven by digitalization. MaaS means that users are able to easily combine different mobility modes and services with the help of new technologies. Integrating new cloud based technologies like secure mobile ticketing and payment with robust hardware infrastructure, including Bluetooth and NFC, open up unforeseen possibilities to re-think transportation, combine different services and create new kinds of service concepts.

“Two years ago we just about the first company in Russia to introduce brand-new payment technology in transport using bank cards with PayPass and PayWave functionality. Now we want to extend our offerings with the best MaaS ticketing and payment capabilities. Therefore, PayiQ is a natural partner for us.” says Elena Makova, the Deputy CEO of MF Tarif LLC. “PayiQ MaaS technology is ideally extending the portfolio of ticketing products for Russia and other markets. Integrating our award-winning technologies allows us to enter the markets faster than any competition. We want to enable the fast lane to MaaS in our region – and beyond!”

“Our awarded PayiQ® technology is the world’s first MaaS payment solution in production. It enables all the common digital payment methods with almost any kind of ticket combinations and service types. Our proven fraud prevention with real-time user and ticket validation is the strongest in the market today.” continues Tuomo Parjanen, the CEO of PayiQ. “We are excited about our close cooperation. Established partner like MF Tarif with strong market position opens up great opportunities for both of us. Combined with their local market, high-tech equipment and customer oriented knowledge, this gives us unparalleled insight into the opportunities of enabling Mobility as a Service in the region.”

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