PayiQ Tickets for Saint Petersburg Metro

PayiQ Tickets for Saint Petersburg Metro

PayiQ expands its business in Saint Petersburg by offering mobile topping up of the Podorozhnik travel card.

The Podorozhnik travel card is a quick way to pay for public transport without cash and it was introduced in St. Petersburg in 2011. There are over 6 million users of this electronic travel card and about 1.5 million trips are made daily. Now the Podorozhnik card can be topped up remotely with PayiQ Tickets mobile application, developed by the Finnish smart mobility FinTech company PayiQ.

The new service is available to owners of phones with Android and iOS operating systems. To use the PayiQ mobile application user has to register and add bank card details. The payment card data is entered only once, which makes using the app easy and simple. The service functions in the cloud on Russian territory. However, PayiQ Tickets is an international product. Once registered, you can use the application to purchase tickets for transport in several European cities without additional authorization.

“St. Petersburg transport authorities are very interested in using PayiQ Tickets cashless solutions in public transport of the city” says the Head of Development and Innovations Department of St. Petersburg Transport Committee.

“We are very happy to expand the usage of PayiQ Tickets in Saint Petersburg in such a short time. Our cooperation with Saint Petersburg’s Transport Committee started last month with the launching of our mobile app for buying tram tickets and now we are enabling the mobile topping up of popular Podorozhnik metro travel cards” says Tuomo Parjanen, the CEO of PayiQ, and continues: “Our cloud-based technology enables an easy and cost-effective transition from traditional tickets to dynamic products and services. Our clients get a complete solution without expensive product development and maintenance costs. Its key benefits to customers are its easiness and simplicity, everything can be handled with a mobile phone.”

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