PayiQ Takes Mobility into the Social Era

PayiQ Takes Mobility into the Social Era

Finnish FinTech company PayiQ has launched a new groundbreaking Ticketing-as-a-Service technology. The new cloud-based mobile solution combines smart mobility and community.

Ticketing-as-a-Service (TaaS) is a fourth generation mobile ticketing service that meets the needs urbanization, increasing shared economy and modern sense of community pose on cities, traffic operators and event organizers. This cloud-based solution is a one stop shop for mobility, event and other services – all services are available on mobile devices. The service was first taken into use in Paavo Nurmi Games.

“The Ticketing-as-a-Service platform that we have developed enables a new era in service providing. With our technology it is easier than ever before to create innovative service concepts and combine different modes of transport and services like sports games and other public events. In fact, only sky is the limit. Technology is no longer an obstacle, it’s an enabler.” says PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.

PayiQ has developed its service in a Tekes project as a part of a national Witty City program. The company’s technology has been awarded nationally and internationally. The current production version is already in use in twenty Finnish cities and the company has expanded to Russia, the Middle East and Nordic countries. New technology is immediately available for both current and new customers.


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