PayiQ on the Right Track

PayiQ on the Right Track

PayiQ has expanded their business by adding the possibility to pay for sports clubs’ and recreational associations’ fees to their service range. With PayiQ Tickets it’s possible to buy mobile track permits for snowmobiles and motorcycle clubs.

PayiQ has begun a new kind of cooperation with recreational associations and sports clubs. With PayiQ’s mobile app clubs can offer their members and other people using their services an easy way to buy services and pay for member fees. PayiQ Tickets is easy and safe to use. Using the app doesn’t require registration or creating user account, you can buy the service you want with just a few clicks.

PayiQ Tickets app can be used to buy snowmobile track permits in Pirkanmaa and North Karelia, and to pay for riding on the tracks of Lohja, Rauma and Vantaa motorcycle clubs.

“Cooperation with various sports clubs and recreational associations widens our business range even further. In addition to tickets for public transport, sporting and other events, our app can now be used to pay for recreation fees. Our award-winning Ticketing as a Service platform enables the creation of versatile, easy to update ticket products and wholly new kind of service concepts. We are looking forward to new business opportunities with various clubs and associations” tells PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.


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