PayiQ Continues Internationalization with Business Finland

PayiQ Continues Internationalization with Business Finland

PayiQ has been accepted to second phase in the Young Innovative Company program. The program supports comprehensive development of international business activities.

Young Innovative Company program’s aim is to accelerate the global growth of the most promising and rapidly growing Finnish companies. The program emphasizes company’s potential for fast international growth. Funding allows the company to comprehensively develop its business activities.

“Continuing in this program strengthens our successful growth. The funding has a significant impact on our international business strategy and on developing our company to become even more of a service organization. Our award-winning ticketing and payment solution is widely used in Finland and this program boosts our expansion to global markets. We have signed several partnership agreements that will help in developing our own business as the provider of more versatile and comprehensive mobile service platform. Our services are already in production in Russia and new possibilities are opening up especially in Southern Europe and Middle East.” tells PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.

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