PayiQ and Wallasvaara Take Finland’s National Sport to Mobile Era

PayiQ and Wallasvaara Take Finland’s National Sport to Mobile Era

The whole Finnish baseball family will gradually take into use the new Pesis mobile application. PayiQ and Wallasvaara continue their cooperation in developing mobile tools for the sports world with already a fourth sport.

Suomen Pesäpalloliitto and Superpesis are launching a new app based on the Audience Engage™ platform. In the first stage the app will serve as a mobile substitute for the widespread free pass system. During the season and with new updates the Pesis app will grow to be a versatile service channel to all men’s and women’s Superpesis teams and to men’s Ykköspesis teams. Audience Engage and PayiQ will provide teams a flexible mobile interface for developing game experiences, supplementary sales and new possibilities for partner cooperation.

PayiQ and Wallasvaara have previously collaborated on similar service packages for track and field games (Paavo Live), football club (FC Inter Turku) and volleyball club (Hurrikaani).

In the first stage the current holders of free passes can claim and use their free passes with the app. “Pesis” can be downloaded for free for smart phones from Google Play and App Store.
“We’re happy to start cooperation with Wallasvaara and PayiQ” says Jussi Pyysalo, the marketing and communications director of Superpesis Oy, and continues: “Mobile tools play an integral role in the strategy for the future of the unique Finnish Pesäpalloliitto. They will be used in growing the number of recreational players and developing the operating conditions of the clubs. Pesis app will be launched on the Audience Engage platform and we are hoping that during this season it will become a versatile interaction tool that serves the whole baseball family.”
“We’re are very pleased to continue working with Wallasvaara and expand to another sport. Our cloud-based Ticketing as a Service platform enables the creation of very diverse ticketing services for various service providers. With our award-winning technology it’s fast and easy to create wholly new kind of service concepts and to combine different services” tells CEO Tuomo Parjanen of PayiQ, the company that has provided the payment system of the app.

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