PayiQ and Wallasvaara Bring New Mobile Tool for Football Clubs

PayiQ and Wallasvaara Bring New Mobile Tool for Football Clubs

Fans of FC Inter Turku are the first in Finland to move over to totally new mobile age. With the new service package it is easy to keep track of scores and statistics and purchase tickets.

FC Inter Turku is the first Finnish football club to take Audience Engage™ technology into use. Wallasvaara has collaborated with FC Inter Turku in developing a tool for the 2020’s for keeping in touch with supporters and partners.

FC Inter Turku app was launched last Thursday in the Inter vs. Ilves match. But the app isn’t just an app. It is constantly being updated from the Audience Engage™ platform’s database and thus offers clubs an inexpensive way to provide their supporters live, real-time and changing content.

“FC Inter Turku’s open-minded start is a major step for us. After the official Paavo Nurmi Games app, Paavo Live, FC Inter Turku is the second Audience Engage™ app in App Store and Google Play.” says Martti Wallasvaara, the concept’s innovator. “Finnish sports world has gotten used to sharing out of scarcity. Together with PayiQ we are bringing to markets a tool that offers new possibilities to clubs and events. Clubs are modernizing their offerings to their partners, creating new earning methods and, above all, keeping in better touch with their supporters.”

“Deepening our co-operation with Wallasvaara strengthens our role with event organizers. With this new mobile app we are expanding our co-operation from track and field to the world of ball games. We have developed a groundbreaking Ticketing as a Service platform that makes it possible to move over from traditional tickets to dynamic ticketing products and combination services. Now it is easier than ever before to use our technology to create new service concepts and combine different modes of transport and services like sports games and other public events.” says CEO Tuomo Parjanen of PayiQ, the company that has provided the payments system of the app.


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