PayiQ and Wallasvaara Bring New Mobile Services to Paavo Nurmi Games

PayiQ and Wallasvaara Bring New Mobile Services to Paavo Nurmi Games

Paavo Nurmi Games takes into use a completely new kind of mobile service that track and field fans can use to participate in the event. With the mobile service it is easy to keep track of scores and statistics and purchase tickets.

“We are bringing to the market an unprecedented service concept that meets the needs of event organizers and advertisers as well as sports fans. The mobile app can be used to follow real-time scores, to explore statistics and contestant information, to check schedules and game site services and to buy tickets. Paavo Live app is the first pilot of a new Audience Engageconcept. The concept aims to make marketing easier for sports clubs and event organizers by offering a targeted marketing channel and a direct contact with the fans. Providing supplementary sales is simple because the app has an integrated PayiQ payments system. The concept offers interesting service features to the end users that enrichen event experiences and increase the feeling of togetherness. The app is free to the public and all the necessary services are behind one sign-in and pin code.” says Martti Wallasvaara, the founder of Wallasvaara Engage.

“Co-operation with Wallasvaara is a big opening for us with the event organizers. We have developed a groundbreaking Ticketing-as-a-Service platform that makes it possible to move over from traditional tickets to dynamic ticketing products and combination services. Our mobile solution is already used in various cities to carry out public transport’s ticketing services. Now it is easier than ever before to use our technology to create new service concepts and combine different modes of transport and services like sports games and other public events.” says CEO Tuomo Parjanen of PayiQ, the company that has provided the payments system of the app.


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