PayiQ and SkedGo Forming the First All-in-One MaaS Solution

PayiQ and SkedGo Forming the First All-in-One MaaS Solution

The leading MaaS technology companies PayiQ and SkedGo are releasing the first all-in-one global offering. This launch will first target the rapidly growing Asian markets.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has been one of the most talked about developments in transport technology for a while. Last year Reuters assessed the size of the market globally to be $24 billion, with potential to increase in value to $230 billion by 2025. Big talks and a lot of promises. Though, little practical deliverables have been seen made so far.

PayiQ from Finland and SkedGo from Australia are now releasing the first all-in-one solution, with a Payment Service Provider functionality covering close to 150 countries.

“Our latest product release with global partnership with CyberSource, a fully owned subsidiary of Visa, builds a solid foundation for our global presence. Already over 10,000,000 tickets are bought annually through our awarded PayiQ Ticketing as a Service platform by our over 600,000 registered users – and these numbers are rapidly growing” explains Tuomo Parjanen, the CEO of PayiQ and continues “We are excited about our close cooperation with SkedGo. Our integrated offerings open great opportunities for both of us in close to 150 countries. Our first joint efforts are in Asia and Australia with North America to follow.”

“Our established TripGo brand has already over 800,000 users in Australia and worldwide. Our unique multi-modal routing technology is much more than trip planning. It is about the motivation behind those trips and the user experience. The focus is on what the user wants to do, and we help them to achieve this” says Claus von Hessberg, the CEO of SkedGo Pty Ltd. “We are very excited about our integrated portfolio with PayiQ. Now, when PayiQ and CyberSource have released their fully integrated, reliable and scalable platform, supported globally by all of CyberSource’s digital payment methods, we have huge potential world-wide. Joining forces helps us to serve the users even better and expand our offerings to the market. Integrating our award-winning trip planning and user experience with PayiQ’s secure ticketing and payment will be a true winning combination globally.”

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