PayiQ and SC SOFT to Form Global Partnership

PayiQ and SC SOFT to Form Global Partnership

Finnish PayiQ and Singapore-based SC SOFT PTE LTD (“SC SOFT”) are forming a global collaboration on contactless validation. Together they’ll launch a solution for smart payments and validation for ticketing on the go.

This collaboration will cater for contactless ticketing, NFC, vehicle location and expected arrival time for the buses on the PayiQ Ticketing as a Service platform. For operators and system integrators it reduces the time for go-to-market. With PayiQ’s cloud-based platform for ticketing, the system is interoperable and expandable to operators, cities and districts by just introducing a validator in buses and connecting it to the PayiQ cloud. SC SOFT’s Echo validator devices act as hybrid ticketing consoles inside the bus and will be able to take care of ticketing either as pole mounted or handheld validators. PayiQ and SC SOFT will also collaborate on other technology initiatives in the field of intelligent transport and management systems in the near future.

“This collaboration helps to bring cashless and non-contact payment methods for ticketing for the passengers and bus operators, as well as for drivers and conductors, enforcing safe distancing in the uncertain times of the COVID-19 situation. It also represents a strong case study for the use of Ticketing on the Go where a commuter using any media (EMV bank cards, mobile applications connected to wallets or a proprietary card) can pay for their journey in a true form of account-based ticketing system.” says Punet Kale, Director of Marketing at SC SOFT.

“We see this partnership with SC SOFT as a long-term collaboration that is strategic for our business. It expands our possibilities in the American and European markets. In addition to opening up new business cases for our partner network, this partnership complements our service offerings to our existing partner network. Cooperation on integrating our systems has gone great and we look towards further collaboration.” tells PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.

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