PayiQ and Evenman Join Forces

PayiQ and Evenman Join Forces

PayiQ and Evenman are collaborating to provide new audience serving applications for mass events. The first result of this cooperation is a mobile app developed for Switzerland’s Tubecon event.

PayiQ and Evenman have developed in cooperation a new service that concentrates on events and their first customer is Switzerland’s Tubecon 2017. The new service is based on Evenman’s Eventmore platform which has been in use in Finland since 2015. At the core of the service are modifiable event applications, designed for event organizers, cities and tourist resorts and a versatile administration portal. The app helps customers to get more out of events by providing information on program, timetables, transport services and the possibility to buy tickets for the event. To event organizers it is a reliable and easy tool with which they can inform about the event and keep in touch with their mobile public.

“The mobile app developed for Switzerland’s Tubecon event is our first white label product. It was carried out in collaboration with PayiQ and we are very happy with the cooperation. The new app has all the features and functionalities of the original Evetmore app plus the ability to buy ticket products. In the future, it will be easy and fast to provide similar products to other mass events, cities or tourist resorts.” says Evenman’s CEO Max Druey.

“Cooperation with Evenman further strengthens our role with event organizers. With this new app, we are expanding our business from sporting events to other mass events. Our award-winning Ticketing as a Service platform enables the creation of dynamic, easy to update ticket products and wholly new kind of service concepts. We are looking forward to new events and to deepening our collaboration with Evenman.” tells PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.


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