New Feeder Transport Combination Tickets to Helsinki

New Feeder Transport Combination Tickets to Helsinki

Korsisaari group has extended the product range of their mobile app. The new combination ticket allows travels within the Helsinki region transport (HSL).

Since last December Korsisaari app has offered Duo tickets that include both Korsisaari ticket and Helsinki region transport’s single ticket. The tickets are valid on trips between Nurmijärvi and Helsinki and on chosen zones in the Helsinki region transport. This way customers don’t have to buy two separate tickets with separate apps. With one purchase they get two tickets and can choose when to activate them into use.

“It’s been nice to notice that working together with HSL has been so easy. It’s not very common that bus companies and public authorities collaborate on tickets” says Korsisaari’s Head of Contract Traffic Ilkka Ojala and continues “Korsisaari wants to continue to develop digital products. That’s for customers’ benefit too, as they don’t have to pay for device costs and other expenses in ticket prices. Mobile tickets have been in use for three years now and their usage is growing in popularity all the time.”

“We are excited to be able to develop a wholly new kind of ticket product for Korsisaari, and one that answers to customers’ needs. Our Ticketing as a Service platform enables a wide variety of ticket products and cooperation between different operators. This opens up new possibilities for feeder transport in Helsinki Metropolitan area” tells PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.

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