More Cities Join PayiQ Tickets

More Cities Join PayiQ Tickets

PayiQ Tickets broadens its user base as Joensuu and Mikkeli public transport join the service. The new generation mobile ticket is an economical and easy way to use public transport in different parts of Finland.

PayiQ Tickets is a new generation mobile app that makes buying tickets easy, fast and secure. The ordering, buying and using of tickets are all done conveniently with the app. It’s a handy way for cities and traffic operators to provide customers alternative ways to pay for travel tickets. The ticket selection of both Joensuu and Mikkeli will at first include single tickets for children and adults for different zones.

PayiQ Tickets can be downloaded for free for smart phones from Google Play and App Store. The mobile app supports all the most common payment methods, for example operator billing and bank and credit cards.

“We are happy that Joensuu and Mikkeli have joined the growing number of cities that use PayiQ’s mobile app to provide public transport tickets”, says PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen, and continues “With our technology it’s easy and flexible to create new products and services. PayiQ Tickets’ key benefits to customers are its easiness and simplicity – since everything can be handled with a mobile phone app there is no longer use for different apps.”

PayiQ Tickets app can be used to buy ticket products in various parts of Finland. The app already includes tickets for ImatraJyväskyläKuopioLahtiLappeenrantaOuluRiihimäki and Turku public transport and more cities and routes are constantly added to the product selection.

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