Kouvola Buses Go Mobile

Kouvola Buses Go Mobile

Kouvola took mobile bus tickets into use this summer. Buying and using tickets with the free smart phone application is easy, fast and secure.

“Kouvola is developing public transport services and in the coming years the aim is to extensively develop the city’s public transport operations” says Public Transport Coordinator Antti Pakkanen. He continues: “Mobile ticket makes traveling with buses not only easier but also more attractive. Kouvola’s goal is to increase the number of passengers and the launching of a new ticket product is a part of this goal.”

Mobile ticket is a handy alternative to paying with cash. It’s bought with a mobile app and the ticket is on the phone’s screen to show to the driver during boarding. At the initial stage, product range includes adult and children (7-16 years) single tickets to Kouvola city’s public transport buses. The mobile app supports all the most common payment methods, for example operator billing, bank and credit cards, MobilePay, Apple Pay and Masterpass. Kouvolan joukkoliikenne app can be downloaded for free for smart phones from Google Play and App Store.

“Kouvola is the latest Finnish city to take into use PayiQ’s account-based mobile ticketing solution. Our technology enables a fast deployment of a mobile app branded according to customer’s graphic charter. Managing product selection and pricing is easy and flexible and doesn’t require app updates. We’re developing the app in cooperation with Kouvola public transport to meet the needs of both the public transport and the end-users.” says Tuomo Parjanen, CEO of PayiQ, the company that developed the app.

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