Föli Mobile App Extends its Services

Föli Mobile App Extends its Services

Turku region public transport Föli mobile app’s product range further expands this summer.  The app can be used to buy combination tickets to Steamship s/s Ukkopekka and public transport, and to order Demand Responsive Transport.

Combination tickets for Steamship s/s Ukkopekka and Föli public transport are sold in Föli mobile app this summer. The combination ticket includes one single journey on s/s Ukkopekka between Turku and Naantali and a single Föli ticket that is valid for two hours. The availability of tickets for each departure can be checked from the mobile app. These combination tickets are only sold in the Föli app.

Demand Responsive Transport is a form of public transport which is open to all and in which the bus routes are based on the needs of customers, instead of operating on fixed routes. This summer Lieto and Naantali will start an experiment on an automatic ride combining system for Demand Responsive Transport and on ordering a ride through the Föli app. Ticket for Demand Responsive Transport includes a single Föli ticket, so the trip can continue on the fixed bus routes for the same price.
“Turku wants to be a forerunner in offering mobile ticketing services and these new ticket options further us towards this goal. Ukkopekka combination ticket is a new way of bringing our region’s maritime experience close to local residents as well as tourists. The sea route offers a chance to admire the beautiful archipelago and Föli enables an easy transition from Naantali back to Turku or vice versa, even at late at night. Ordering Demand Responsive Transport is an experiment and based on its results we can expand the combining of trips to better accommodate various MaaS services in the future” says Topias Pihlava, the Development Manager of Föli.
“Föli was our first customer and they also have the widest product range. Cooperation with them has been very productive as we have been able to implement diverse ticket products from series tickets and loading of travel cards to various combination tickets. Our technology enables flexible and versatile ticket range and Föli has taken full advantage of it. We have also developed our services based on Föli’s needs” tells CEO Tuomo Parjanen of PayiQ, the company that has developed Föli mobile app.

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