Best Price Ticket in Föli Mobile App

Best Price Ticket in Föli Mobile App

Turku region traffic’s Föli mobile app has a new product that is aptly called “The best price ticket”. The ticket calculates the cheapest price for customers depending on how much they travel. Customers don’t have to know in advance how much they are going to travel – this ticket always guarantees the cheapest price.

The best price ticket has been available in the Föli app since the beginning of January. Initially the ticket costs 3€, the same as a single ticket, but later the price depends on how many times the ticket is bought so that the customer always gets the cheapest possible price. For example, if customer buys three single tickets during 24 hours (3 x 3€ = 9€), the best price ticket turns into a day ticket (8€). At the moment there are three price tiers: single ticket, 24h ticket and seven-day ticket. Even though customers wouldn’t travel so much that they reach the next price tier, they don’t lose money either.

“The best price ticket automatically calculates the cheapest price for the customer depending on usage. Customers don’t have to know beforehand how much they’ll travel and what would be the best ticket type for their travel needs. We actively listen to customer feedback and this type of feature has been much requested”, says Föli’s Development manager Topias Pihlava.

“Föli is our oldest customer and during our years of cooperation we have been able to implement several new features and ticket products from series tickets to loading of travel cards. Cooperation has been very close and productive. PayiQ’s Ticketing as a Service platform enables a flexible and versatile ticket range and Föli has taken full advantage of it. We’re also very happy that the end-users have taken quickly taken into use the new ticket type”, tells CEO Tuomo Parjanen of PayiQ, the company that has developed Föli mobile app.

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