I don't remember my PIN code.

You can create a new PIN code by clicking first “Account”, then “Change PIN”.

I forgot to do the email verification in time and now I cannot access my account anymore.

If email verification is not done in due time (4 days), your account will be automatically deleted. You can register again using the same email address as before. If you run into any problems during registration, please contact customer service at support@payiq.net, preferably from the email address with which you want to register to the app.

I am going to switch to another email account, how can I change the new email address to my account?

You cannot change the email address yourself. Please contact customer service at support@payiq.net from the same email address you have used in registration and tell your new email address. After this, logging in to the app is done using the new email address.

I want to delete my user account and personal data from the app.

You can delete your account along with personal data through “Account” and “User info”. Click on “Delete” and you will be asked for your PIN code to confirm the deletion. Note that you cannot delete your account if you have valid tickets.

Why do I need to confirm the purchase with bank credentials?

Strong authentication with bank credentials is always requested by the bank/card issuer and the bank decides in which cases and how often it requests it. Strong authentication request cannot be bypassed in the app. Strong authentication is in accordance with Payment Service Directive 2 and its purpose is to make online payment safer.

I will be needing a ticket next week, can I buy a mobile ticket in advance?

Tickets bought with the app are mainly valid immediately after purchase. Read the ticket’s description on validity carefully before purchase. You should buy tickets only just before you need them.

The bus was late and the validity time of my ticket run out.
PayiQ is not responsible for the buses and their timetables. If you want to get refunded please contact the traffic contractor/service provider directly. Their contact information can be found on the receipt sent to your email.
Ticket prices are too high.

Ticket prices and possible payment surcharges are defined by the traffic contractor/service provider.

I'd like to take a screenshot of the ticket but it's not working.

Tickets are designed to be used in the app and screenshots are not valid tickets. Taking screenshots with iOS phones will lead to being logged out of the app. Bought ticket can be used after logging in to the app again with the same user account.

I'm having trouble with fitting the QR code under ticket readers.

You can open the QR code to the top of the screen by tapping the code. This way it’s easier to show the QR code to the readers.

Can I buy a ticket to another person?

Some tickets (usually single and day tickets) can be bought and then sent to another person’s phone. The receiver will get a code/link with which they can take the ticket into use. The receiver has to be a registered user and have the same app installed on the phone with which the ticket will be used. Also the buyer needs to be a registered user.

  • Choose ticket and click “Buy”
  • In the next view go to “Use on” and change it to “Other account (share)”
  • Make sure you have the right payment method and confirm purchase
  • Click “Send link”
  • Choose a method for sending the link, and the receiver
  • The receiver clicks the link or enters the code to their app to get the ticket into use. Please note that the code can only be used once.
I received a ticket code, how do I take it into use?
  • If you received the code as a link, just click the link and you’ll get the code ready in the app. Then click “Use ticket code” and the ticket is ready to be used.
  • If you received the ticket by other means:
    • in the Shop tab, click “Use ticket code” OR
    • click “Account” and choose “Use ticket code”
    • copy or write the code you received and click “Use ticket code”
    • the ticket is ready to be used
I need a new receipt from a purchase.

Go to “Purchases”, click the grid next to the ticket you want a new receipt for and then click “Open receipt”. You can send the receipt by clicking the icon on the top right corner.

I haven't registered to the app but I'd like to have receipts of my purchases.

You can receive receipts of your purchases even if you don’t register. Go to “Account” and add your email address under “Email for receipts”.

How to logout from the app?

The app has been designed so that there isn’t a need to logout. However, it’s possible to lock the app with a PIN code. This is how you take PIN lock into use:

  • Go to “Account” tab
  • Choose “Lock app with PIN code”
  • Give your existing PIN code
  • Take the feature into use and choose lock delay. Alternatives are between immediately – one hour.
  • The app will lock after the delay if it’s closed or other apps are used in the meantime. App can only be unlocked with the PIN code.
How do I take dark theme into use?

By default the app uses the same theme that has been defined in the phone’s settings. Under “Account”, “System dark mode” you can select between dark and light mode in the app.

There is some confusion with the invoice I received.
Please contact directly the issuer of the invoice.
My phone number has changed, how can I update my phone number to my account?

You can change your phone number by first clicking “Account”, then “User info” and “Change” next to the phone number..

I have a phone with dual SIM. How do I define which SIM card to use for paying for tickets?

Only one of the SIM cards can have network connection and that SIM card is automatically used for operator billing. In your phone’s settings, define network connection for the SIM card you want to use for your purchases.

I'm using a Windows phone.

The app isn’t developed for Windows phones anymore as they are discontinued products and development isn’t cost-effective.

Using the app takes a lot of battery power.

To ease the mechanical reading of tickets the display brightness is set high and this affects battery consumption. Display brightness is only adjusted when the app is displaying data of active tickets.

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