PayiQ Joined Turku Climate Team

PayiQ Joined Turku Climate Team

PayiQ is a proud member of the Climate team of the city of Turku. Turku has set an ambitious goal of being carbon neutral in 2029. After that the positive development continues and Turku will be a more comfortable and healthier place to live. The goal is challenging and cannot be achieved by the city’s actions alone. Residents, companies, and communities are needed for emission reductions.

PayiQ is participating in this shared goal with its GreenImpact service. The company has developed mobile apps that provide users with information on the carbon dioxide emissions of their movements and encourage to use low-carbon mobility choices. PayiQ supports cities by aiming to change the residents’ travel behavior to a more sustainable one.

PayiQ’s CEO Elena Lipchenko talks more about the company’s climate action in an interview (in Finnish).

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