Sustainable App for Employee Commuting

Sustainable App for Employee Commuting

By Elena Lipchenko
VP of Business Development at PayiQ

Transport benefits for large corporations are a bright idea. They generate sustainability, ease the flow of a workday, and lessen traffic congestion. However, offering these benefits has also proven to have negative aspects. Benefit misuse due to the amount being stored on the transport card is not uncommon, and the act of card top-up requires extra time and effort from staff members. PayiQ is looking to solve this problem by introducing a smarter travel benefit, which is used on a smartphone app.

Ticket use becomes effective and uncomplicated when all the travel benefits can be used through the smartphones of confirmed employees. The product stored on the app is flexible, with possibilities for daily, weekly, and monthly passes. Ticket validity, purchase history, and receipts can easily be tracked, and adjacent route planning, maps, and real-time bus locations are available. The introduction of the PayiQ travel benefit is simple, as the only information needed is employee corporate email addresses. The travel pass is enabled for these designated employees, and the employee only needs to download the app, hop on a bus, and show their digital pass to a ticket reader or the driver.

The travel benefit exists within the PayiQ Tickets app, or alternatively, an app specifically made with the corporate identity of the company. When the latter option is selected, the app can be configured to contain other employment benefits such as gym memberships, tickets for culture events, or micro mobility passes. Moreover, the app works as a platform for communication between employers and employees, which can be utilized to display company news and events, organize polls, and collect employee feedback. The transport benefit is automatically topped up through the PayiQ TaaS® platform, and personalized reporting for the company is made available at the end of each month or other agreed period.

PayiQ also offers incorporated tracking of CO2 footprint, and rewards users for choosing the green options: walking, biking, or public transportation. These app rewards can further be exchanged for discounts at local businesses or to get employee merchandise.   Competitions and CO2 saving targets are also introduced to ensure app engagement. CO2 tracking and gamification engine is designed to improve employee’s well-being as well as to make a corporate impact towards decreasing traffic emissions produced from commuting to work with private car.

This secure and user-friendly product is made for all organizations looking to ease the lives of their employees and reduce their carbon footprint. PayiQ offers customer and tech service, stone-wall fraud prevention for payment and tickets, gamification tools to ensure employee participation, convenient monthly billing for all employees, and an employee travel benefit that is effortless to add. PayiQ is paving the way towards easy and sustainable use of mass transit.

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