PayiQ qualified for next round at the Urban Tech Hackathon

PayiQ qualified for next round at the Urban Tech Hackathon

PayiQ took part in Urban Tech hackathon in Turku Science Park Ltd on 23-24 November and was qualified for the next round.

Urban Tech is a 3-year project funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project aims to provide innovative products and solutions for healthcare, smart city and green tech. 

“We addressed the challenge “Solution for smooth traffic” and have now made it to the 1st financing round with MVP voucher. The competition was tough, as smart and carbon neutral mobility is a topical issue for many EU countries. It was an intense two days of interaction with mentors and networking with start-ups and other mature companies. We are looking forward into continuing the project with the challenge owner” comments Elena Lipchenko, VP of Business Development.

PayiQ is an infrastructure provider with a core focus on mobile ticketing technology. PayiQ’s platform capabilities offer a complete package for cities. It includes access to public transport, state of the art CO2 footprint calculation by automatically detecting the transport mode, and a capability to engage citizens. Our app helps cities become carbon neutral.

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