Better customer experience with smooth payments

Better customer experience with smooth payments

PayiQ’s CEO Pirkka Lankinen was interviewed for Paytrail’s blog on how frequent payments should be easy and how Paytrails’s services help with that. The blog can be found in here in Finnish, below is English translation of Pirkka’s part.

Frequent payments should be easy – this is how merchants have utilized paying with saved payments cards

Solutions that are based on saved payment cards are becoming more common all the time. Nowadays you can pay for example for gas, travel tickets and magazine subscriptions with saved card.

Case PayiQ – customer experience improves when paying goes smoothly

More and more public transport operators want to offer their users an easy mobile ticket and PayiQ’s mobile ticketing app answers to this need. PayiQ’s apps are in use in e.g., Oulu and Turku public transport.

You can choose between many payment methods in the app. PayiQ’s Pirkka Lankinen tells that about 38 % of Finns want to pay for their tickets with saved card.

“Fast card payments are an integral part of the service.”

Lankinen feels that enabling saving payment card information suits public transport well as buying is often time critical.

”Saving card information is a very good feature from customer’s point of view exactly in this type of service where you need to be able to pay quickly, without having to dig out your wallet and payment card.”

Payment service partner makes it easy to implement payment solutions

Paying with saved card obviously requires that the safety and reliability of the payment solution are in order. With the help of a payment service partner the merchant does not have to be responsible for saving and storing card information.

”Paytrail saves the information provided by customers and is responsible for its secure storing. Payment is linked to the card only via a code which means that we only need to provide the receiving integration and can concentrate on developing our apps,” describes Lankinen.

Paytrail not only offers a PCI DSS certified, secure payment service but also expertise to implement the payment solution in practice.

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