PayiQ’s Mobile Tickets Available on Pivo Mobile Wallet

Pivo opens Finland’s most popular mobile wallet to its partner’s services. PayiQ is onboard from the start by offering first mobile tickets for public transport and later also for events.

OP Financial Group’s Pivo mobile wallet is getting a revamp in 2018. The developments will bring new features for both Pivo’s partners and users in the coming months. Pivo is being developed into a services platform that brings services, merchant benefits and easy payments into one place. Brands and merchants can reach more than 800,000 registered Pivo users through just one app, while Pivo customers will have access to new benefits and services that can also be paid through Pivo.

“Our goal is to turn Pivo into a platform for day-to-day services that makes life easier for the customers of all banks. Going forward, we want to offer even more diverse options within Pivo for both our merchant partners and users. The range of services will expand, and they will all be available within one app. For example, Pivo users will be able to order pizza or a taxi, book a restaurant table or buy mobile bus tickets through the Pivo app”, says Masa Peura, OP Head of New Business.

“We are excited to bring our products and services to Pivo. This benefits all our customers from cities’ public transport operatives and traffic operators to the end-users. To the traffic operators this is a new sales channel and to end-users an easy way to obtain services by signing in to just one app. Our Ticketing as a Service platform enables the creation of flexible and versatile ticketing services for various service providers, and the usage of many kinds of payment methods” tells PayiQ’s CEO Tuomo Parjanen.

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