PayiQ and Future Communications Company Collaborate to Digitize Contactless Ticketing Payments in the Gulf Region

Finnish PayiQ and Kuwaitian Future Communications Company have signed an agreement to explore collaboration on business opportunities in the Gulf region. 

PayiQ and Future Communications Company (FCC) are looking for joint opportunities to digitize ticketing operations of various transport companies in mainly State of Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain and State of Qatar. Digital payments are trending in the Middle East and markets are expected to grow. With the COVID-19 situation contactless and convenient digital payments are likely to play an even stronger role in the future. Together PayiQ and FCC can provide safe and smart ticketing and payments.

“With the increase in digitalisation of services in the Middle East and more importantly in Kuwait, we believe PayiQ’s solutions have a strategic edge. The combined strengths of FCC and PayiQ will help provide customers in Kuwait and in the region a one-stop shop for digital payment solutions backed by local support. We are excited to sign this agreement with PayiQ as this will help pave the way for contactless billing especially for the transportation sector” says Mr. Salah Al Awadhi, CEO of FCC.

“We have high hopes for this collaboration with FCC. We are interested in focusing on the rapidly growing digital payments markets of the Middle East and with the right partner we’ll get better results. Our Ticketing as a Service platform enables versatile and flexible ticketing services for various service providers and transport operators. With our technology it’s possible to switch to digital payments with unforeseen swiftness” tells Mr. Tuomo Parjanen, PayiQ’s CEO.

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