Equality Policy

Equality Policy

PayiQ aims to provide social responsibility and accountability for the decisions that we make in respect of potential and present partners and employees. We do not discriminate people directly or indirectly on the basis of race, color, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientations, age and religious belief. As discrimination in employment is inextricably linked with discrimination in the rest of society, it is totally against of our vision of freedom and globalization.

We have taken active measures to eliminate all direct and indirect discrimination in our business practices and in the provision of services. These practices are promoted as the responsibility of the management, personnel, consultants, contractors, and anyone involved in our daily work.

We will seek to identify the needs of disadvantaged groups in our area of operation and ensure equality of opportunity of access to consideration for employment. Whenever appropriate we will provide training for such personnel to enable them to qualify for all positions within the company. No applicant or employee of the company will be treated less or more favorably on any of the discriminatory grounds referred to above. In order to achieve this, we have an Equal Opportunities Recruitment Policy regarding employment of personnel from within these groups.

In hiring consultants, contractors, and other agents, and in building partnership relations, we will be mindful of our commitment to equality of opportunity.

We aim to extend this policy further to incorporate our partners and associates whenever appropriate. The globalization of business has awakened the consciousness of the importance of equal opportunities. A growing number of companies worldwide are transforming their practices to a more equality aware direction. It is our common belief that joint cooperation and understanding in issues of equality will play a vital role not only in growing the global economy, but also in mutual commitment and business success.