Environment Policy

Environment Policy

PayiQ is aware of the impact that modern culture has on the exterior environment. It is our clear understanding that we need to successfully balance economy and ecology. Thinking about the environment is therefore natural for the company.

PayiQ applies the requirements of ISO 14000 standards to our processes and subscribes to the philosophy which emerged from the Rio Earth Summit as Agenda 21. We believe that “thinking globally and acting locally” can make a difference and that our actions today should not be at the expense of tomorrow’s world.

We have established technically and economically viable objectives to optimize the environmental performance of our services and daily work. Our main business revolves around the growing Information Society and the use of electronic rather than paper means of communication. We encourage our customers and partners to consider their own paper needs and not to duplicate the creation, issue and storage of paper, or data held in any form.

Equally, within our organization we have practical company policies of:

  • Tracking of all incoming and outgoing environmentally relevant materials, including plastic bags, plastic sheets, electricity, water and refrigerant consumption;
  • Re-using all paper and then recycling it;
  • Increased usage of recycled paper within our organization;
  • Donating spent toner cartridges and purchasing refilled cartridges;
  • Reducing or eliminating hazardous substances, such as freon;
  • Using public transport, walking or cycling whenever possible;
  • Sharing cars on business journeys when it is possible;
  • Keeping office temperatures at the lowest comfortable level;
  • Using virtualization and remote access to manage servers;
  • Regularly servicing heating systems and other equipment;
  • Purchasing supplies locally where possible.

We aim to extend this policy further to incorporate our partners and associates whenever appropriate. A growing number of companies are transforming their practices to a more environmentally friendly direction. It is our common belief that joint cooperation in environmental issues will play a vital role in preserving the Earth’s natural resources.