Smart cities rely on smart ticketing

The world is moving into cities, but the streets are not getting any wider

The only way to tackle congestion, air pollution and the expectations of modern customers is to get smarter. Smart traffic means more efficient route planning, optimal use of resources and dynamic pricing. Live data on the number of passengers in each bus, train, tram, metro, ferry and even an automobile combined with live info on traffic flows, jams and accidents practically enable on-demand real-time routing. Transportation equipment can be assigned, reassigned and combined to meet the minute-by-minute needs of residents and visitors.

However, smart traffic is just half of the story. Only when people get the same satisfaction from transportation services that they get from driving a private car does the system as a whole evolve to a whole new level. This is where smart city ticketing comes in. When smart traffic is complemented with a smooth ticketing, validation and payment experience, the system as a whole starts working as planned. Efficiency, speed and customer experience improve drastically.

Only then can residents and visitors use the system to the full, access their activities easily, combine different means of transport seamlessly, onboard without queuing and pay without worry. PayiQ is a platform for cities that makes this possible and an app for individuals that makes moving around easy.


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