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PayiQ’s smart ticketing platform performs a crucial function in a smart mobility solution. Through our service the correct ticket or combination of tickets is bought safely, the financial transaction is taken care of securely and once the time to use the ticket comes, the validation is quick and accurate.


That’s our role, and we intend to be the best in the business in that, but just that. Therefore we are actively searching and forming partnerships and alliances. Simply put: that is our go-to-market strategy. At PayiQ we believe in ecosystems thinking in fast-moving smart mobility space. We are technology agnostic, we can offer an API to just about any system and we can deal with just about all imaginable safe payment methods.

We have commercial partners like CyberSource, we have technology partners like Microsoft, we have several infrastructure partners and we have development partners that often are municipal transport operators. Originally the first version of the PayiQ platform was developed together with the City of Turku in Finland for its bus service. Partners can be big global actors, but just as well small local services that offer the last mile solution in a particular area.

If you think what we do would fit in with what you do, whether you are putting together a massive infrastructure offer to a major city or are a local service and need a ticketing solution that can connect to bigger players, do not hesitate to be in touch. We know we can help.


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