• PayiQ is a new mobile payment and ticketing solution that specializes in solutions for selling digital goods in safe, secure and simple manner. 
                         It offers a fast, easy and secure way for consumers to pay with their mobile phones.
    New Era in
    Mobile Payment

Mobile Payments - Safe and Easy

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use mobile phones every day. We want to make their everyday life easier by introducing new opportunities 
	                        to use mobile phones with new and innovative payment methods.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use mobile phones every day. We want to make their everyday life easier by introducing new possibilities to use their phones also in travel related payments.

PayiQ is a new solution for mobile payments and ticket services. It is used to sell both digital and traditional products and services regardless of time, place or the used appliance. It provides customers a fast, easy and information secure way to pay with mobile appliances.

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Our PayiQ payment application is secure and easy – you can pay with your mobile application by using several different payment methods. Just a few minutes and you can start using the application. All you need is a mobile phone into which you can download our ticket and payment application.

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Travel Tickets Always with You

Purchases can be paid either with the free mobile application downloaded by the customer or traditionally online.

Downloading the application from the application stores of Apple, Google and Microsoft or with the help of a QR code is easy.

It doesn’t take much to get started. Our absolutely safe and reliable system supports the most common payment methods. You can use credit cards, operator billing and new mobile solutions such as online wallets or collective invoicing in our service.

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Our risk control and fraud prevention technologies guarantee the best possible protection against misuse to merchants and customers. With the help of our service merchants can enter a new and affordable payment service which helps them develop their sales and services. Call us and we will see how we can best help you to succeed!

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Several Different Payment Methods!

PayiQ supports all most common payment methods. Naturally traditional operator billing is supported, but that's not all. PayiQ also supports credit cards, 
	                        prepaid wallet and even monthly invocing! PayiQ is the most versatile mobile payment system in the market.

PayiQ supports almost all commonly used payment methods. Payments connected to mobile phone bills are supported, but PayiQ also supports all usual credit and debit cards, invoicing, prepaid online wallet payments and even the monthly collective invoicing requested by businesses. PayiQ is the most comprehensive mobile payment solution in the world.

When dealing with credit cards we conform to the PCI-DSS data security standards that fulfil the strict quality demands of international credit card companies.

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When you choose the PayiQ collective invoice as payment method, you receive up to 45 days of interest-free payment time. The purchases made during a month are billed with a monthly invoice and it is always due the last day of the following calendar month. The payment time is always at least 15 days.

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The Best Technology at your Disposal

PayiQ uses the most advanced cloud technologies utilized by the businesses and public sector worldwide. It is accessible regardless of time, place 
	                        and device. Web interface supports any device with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome browser.

PayiQ utilises the most advanced cloud services that are used both in the corporate world and in public administration today. The service can be used regardless of time, place or the used appliance. Our internet user interface supports almost any appliance that uses Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer as a browser.

Whether your appliance is an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or the new Windows 10, you can use our service!

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Our automatic update mechanism that fulfils all information security requirements ensures that the application is always up to date. We operate under the financial supervisory authority aand you can find the appropriate solution suitable for any size business.

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